SPR Unknown #75 -- FINAL

Tanvi Patel

Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Dr Jennifer Nicholas

Lurie Children's Hospital


Failure to thrive


spr unknown 75, bezoar, 1777

Publication Date: 20120807


Patient was diagnosed with failure to thrive.


CT of the abdomen and pelvis was performed, demonstrating a large, well-defined low density mass with mottled appearance filling the lumen of the stomach. A rim of intraluminal contrast and gas outlines the mass. There was no obstruction to the flow of oral contrast into the small bowel.


Findings are compatible with a gastric bezoar.


This was a case of mobile intraluminal gastric mass in a pediatric patient, with the characteristic mottled appearance owing to air within the interstices of the mass. This finding is typical of a gastric bezoar.


  1. Ripollés T, García-Aguayo J, Martínez MJ, Gil P. Gastrointestinal bezoars: sonographic and CT characteristics. AJR 2001 Jul;177(1):65-9.

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