SPR Unknown #52 -- FINAL

Vishal Khiatani



Mary Wyers, MD

Children's Memorial Hospital


19 year old female with left hip pain


CAM femoroacetabular impingement, FAI, MRI, 1706, SPR unknown 52

Publication Date: 2011-05-04


19 year old female distant history of hip dysplasia presents with left sided hip pain for several months. No acute injury is noted.


An osseous protuberance is noted at the left femoral head/neck junction, with mild associated cortical edema as best evidenced on fat suppressed T2/STIR images. A shortened left femoral neck is also noted.


CAM type femoral acetabular impingement




Femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) is a process related to excess friction of the femoral neck and acetabular roof resulting in an impingement phenomena which could lead to further injury of the hip including articular damage or labral tear.

Two major types exist, CAM and PINCER types. CAM type FAI is related to overgrowth in the femoral head/neck junction which resultantly impinges upon the acetabulum. PINCER type FAI is due to overgrowth of the acetabular roof with resultant impingement upon the femoral neck.

Radiographic findings may show protuberances at the femoral head/neck junction or overgrowth of the acetabular roof. Other findings may include subcortical lucency. MR findings include possible bone marrow edema at the site of impingement, a prominent osseous protuberance at the femoral head/neck junction, subcortical cyst formation, and possible labral tears.

Treatment is conservative in milder cases with surgical options reserved for severe cases.


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