SPR Unknown #41 -- FINAL

Osman Ahmed, MD

University of Chicago


SPR unknown 41 dermoid

Publication Date: 2010-11-30


2 year old with palpable chest abnormality


CT scan of the chest: There is a midline, low density mass in the superficial soft tissues anterior to the sternum


Sternal dermoid cyst


In pediatrics, congenital dermoid cysts result from sequestration of the skin along lines of embryonic closure. Referred to as a subcutaneous congenital cyst, these masses often are solitary and contain sebaceous glands covered by a thick dermis-like wall. Common locations of occurrence include the face (classically around the eye), neck, and/or scalp but can occur anywhere along the midline in infants and children. These lesions are treated with surgical excision as rupture (i.e. from fine needle aspiration) can lead to spread of contents leading to foreign body reactions and/or infection.


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